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Multidisciplinary consulting services for all industries ranging from start-ups to MNC's

Our Company

CEC provides a set of multidisciplinary services to clients ranging from small start-ups and multinational organisations.

Our leadership team brings extensive experience and a rich understanding of our client’s business challenges. Our consulting capabilities extend into business consulting, executive interim management, bid advisory, and resourcing services.

CEC operates across a wide-range of industries, including: healthcare, leisure, manufacturing, oil, publishing, property, retail, technology, telecommunications, utilities, financial services, professional services and public sector.

Our key differentiators are:

  •  Our ability to deliver quality results quickly and with minimal upheaval 
  • The creation of unambiguous mandates for solutions providers
  • Working with you as part of an internal team, ensuring knowledge transfer
  • Our diverse range of services, enabling us to address many of our client’s challenges

Our Values

Customer Care – Our customer’s complete satisfaction is our first priority. We develop long-lasting relationships with customers by offering exceptional customer service.

Quality – Our mission is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our stakeholders. To achieve this, we continually look to improve both our services and ourselves.

Integrity – We consistently ensure that our principles reflects the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We respect individuals, follow rules and procedures, keep our commitments, and take for all our actions.

Innovation – We continually aim to separate ourselves from the competition by offering superior service and by developing and implementing creative solutions.

Product Marketing

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Our Services

Strategy & Transformation

CEC understands that our clients know their business best, and our approaches build on this knowledge to ensure that their vision is realised.

Information Governance

Our experience in information governance can help healthcare sector organisations effectively handle information to avoid these penalties.

Customer Relationship Management

CEC offers business orientated CRM consulting service. We enable our client to improve their business development and client management programmes.

Customer relations with
transparent communication ...

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