Bid Advisory : What We Do

Implementing a robust bidding process and engaging at the right level is vital for winning new business. In the case of high-value procurements, suppliers require:

  1. Precision in responses to tender requirements
  2. Confidence that you provide appropriate references
  3. Certainty that they are making the right decisions in relation to the bid

Bid management is an art form, it requires the “A” team, suitably resourced, well organised and empowered to negotiate. A clear understanding on ‘win themes’ for both supplier and customer is essential in order to enter meaningful negotiations. Having a rigorous approach to directing the bid team, and ensuring it operates as one unit, delivers a unified bid where the solution, commercial terms and contract all align. Anyone with experience on major deals is aware this is a complex process that is time-intensive and demands specialist skills, and above all, teamwork across all disciplines.

CEC works with companies to help deliver superior bids. We work alongside our client’s bid management team, and can provide resources at all levels, ranging from programme management, requirements and commercial leads, to bid directors. We have great experience in being on the winning team and are able to assist with:

  • Bid team resourcing
  • Bid team training
  • Win theme generation
  • Written submissions
  • Client engagement / negotiations
  • Client presentations
  • Reviewing draft submissions
  • Tender submissions

Our services are especially useful for companies that do not have the in house specialist skills and experience required for very large deals. Such deals require a different magnitude of focus and resourcefulness to produce a winning bid. Clients expect certain behaviours on major deals and will quickly identify inexperience in approach / process.

We have experience across a range of industries, namely: Healthcare, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Shipping, and in particular, UK Government, Public Sector procurements. Our team of associates have engaged on a range of large deals, with values between £10 million to £1 billion.