CEC provides a wide variety of services to the healthcare industry. These include:

– Information Governance Services

– Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

For a company wishing to work within or supply to the NHS, it must complete the DSPT. This requires organisations to measure themselves against a set of information governance requirements, which is often a time-intensive and costly process.

CEC offers a complete service that can help your organisation achieve DSPT accreditation. this includes both completing and reviewing the DSPT prior to submission. By leveraging our expertise and previous experience of helping large Acute Trusts and NHS Partner organisations become accredited, we can provide a cost-efficient service that frees up staff within your company.

– Cyber Security Services

Each year, Trusts are required to conduct an audit on system security, paying particular attention to the vulnerability of attack via the internet. Our service providers automated penetration testing of Firewalls, VLANS and remote connections to support this process.

We conduct comprehensive CREST approved testing, which include sophisticated systems scanning and analysis, from which we produce a detailed report on findings and recommended remedial actions.

Tests extend to examining a wide range of security and set up circumstances, including attempts on DNS zone transfers, enumeration of services, OS detection and build version fingerprinting, password attacks, firewall traversal attacks and mail/web/relay tests, back-door discovery and upload attempts, etc. Our penetration testing methodology incorporates a systematic approach based on “best practice”.

– Web Services Development

It is vital for healthcare organisations to embrace digital ways of working to create operational and efficiency savings, as well as improve patient care.

CEC helps organisations achieve this through its ability to provide secure, online services that can be used to work with and share patient identifiable data in accordance with information governance guidelines.

– Medical Coding Services

One of the companies within CEC is CEC Healthcare Coding Limited, which provides medical coding services to UK healthcare organisations. This service enables these companies to benefit from improved coding productivity whilst significantly reducing coding costs.